The Real Secret To Building Big Muscles

Helping You To Increase Lean Muscle Mass

Talk to anybody who is just starting to bodybuild and they will without doubt ask you  “What is the secret to building big muscles” ?

The answer is actually quite simple…. There is no secret…..… 

The real answer is this:Bodybuilding-Workout

  • Keep It Simple
  • Be Consistent
  • Workout Hard
  • Eat Well
  • Use Good Quality Supplements Alongside Your Workouts

If you follow these simple guidelines, you will:

  • Build A Lot Of Muscle
  • Get Very Strong
  • Burn Fat

Supplement Manufacturers

If you are just starting to consider taking a supplement to help you on your journey, there is a massive, almost confusing number of suppliers, all making wild, often unsubstantiated claims about how their product will give you the biggest, strongest, leanest muscles – almost misleading you into believing that they will give results without you having to put the work in…

DONT FALL INTO THIS TRAP!! there are some very good supplements out bodybuilding-supplements-2there and they will certainly help you with your goals, but be cynical, ignore the hype – do your homework and discover for yourself about the ingredients and discover those that are proven too work and those that don’t..

As a guide you really need to be taking a good pre workout supplement along with protein and creatine to maximise the gains.

A good natural testosterone booster will really get things moving and can dramatically boost your muscle mass .

A well formulated fat burner will boost energy levels and help when on a cutting cycle (trying to reduce body fat)

A Nootropic Supplement will help you focus and concentrate more, making sure that your form and technique is spot on, allowing you to get the best results

Recommended Method To Help You Build Large Muscles Fast

A well known bodybuilder let us into his own belief for building strong muscles – he told us this:

He believes in what he calls the ‘Beat Your Last Workout’ principle… if you aim to consistently improve in at least one area of your workout EACH time you go to the gym.. you will consistently build good lean muscle mass.

  1. Use heavier weight for the same exercise than you did on your last workout – do the same number of reps and rest periods  –  Or…
  2. Keep the SAME weight as you did for your last workout but perform more reps keeping the rest period the same  –  Or….
  3. Use the same weight and reps as before but perform the exercises quicker than the last time.

A good example is the shoulder press:

As a good example.. if you usually push 170lbs for 6 reps on your final set…. the next time use 180lbs and do the same…


Using the same weight – do 8 reps instead of 6 with the same rest period


Using the same weight, do 6 reps but do them faster that usual.

Shoulder-Press-ImageThe idea is to improve on each and every workout.If you stop improving then you need to take a step back and look at all the other aspects of bodybuilding to find out why you have stopped improving:

  • Am I eating correctly?
  • Do I get enough rest?
  • Am I stressed or worried at home or work?
  • Has there been any other change in routine or diet that could have stopped me progressing?

Once you have discovered the source of your poor results – it’s usually relatively simple to take steps to change whatever is causing the problem.

Helping You To Choose A Good Supplement

We have studied bodybuilding for the past 5 years.. we have reviewed and evaluated many of the popular bodybuilding supplements and from our research have picked just a handful that (from our in depth research) deliver effective results backed up by users feedback, provide minimal or no side effects and (unusual in this industry) provide buyers with a cash back guarantee that assures a full refund if for any reason, you fail to achieve the results you desire.

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