20 Foods That Naturally Boost Testosterone

20 Foods To Naturally Boost Testosterone

Eating a healthy diet is beneficial to all as aspects of our health.  Testosterone Man-Healthy-Eating-1-199x300levels can be improved by cutting out the unhealthy foods and replacing with healthier options.

Diet can affect us in many ways.  Testosterone production is one hormone that can be improved just by eating certain foods..  Our natural production process can even be boosted just by introducing some of these below:

20 Foods To Boost Testosterone


Asparagus has long been known as an aphrodisiac and can also increase metabolism..  It is high in Vitamin E, Folic acid and Potassium..  Experts tell us that eating asparagus could be an effective way to boost our testosterone levels.

Brussel Sprouts

UnknownYou either love them or hate them..  But give them another try, they are crammed full of a compound called DIM (Indole-3-Carbinol) by reducing the aromatase effect in our bodies, it helps to boost testosterone levels..  The aromatase effect is where free testosterone is changed into Estrogen – the nemesis of testosterone.

Clinical studies have shown eating high levels of DIM can reduce estrogen by up to a massive 50% great news for testosterone production.

Lean Red Meat

We are told that we should limit the amount of red meat we consume, but in sensible amount it is one of the best foods to help boost semen volume and sperm count.  High in minerals and vitamins Zinc for one, one to include.  Try to choose Grass Fed Meats for the best results.


These tasty berries are high in Resveratrol and Calcium-D-Glucarate – C-D-C is good at controlling oestrogen levels while Resveratrol  has been proven to improve natural testosterone production.

Chia SeedsChiaSeeds-300x183

Not so well known but very effective at boosting testosterone levels.  They are highly androgenic and have been used by tribes in south america for thousands of years to boost libido and energy.


A favourite with many, easy to prepare and very high in Vitamin D, Saturated fats and omega 3. Also high in protein.


Studies with test animals showed that feed them onion juice gave very good gains in testosterone production. An added bonus – sperm quality and quantity increased.


High in an enzyme called Bromelain (pineapples also contain it) known for its ability to boost testosterone – bodybuilders of years gone by included bananas in their diet to enhance workouts in the days before modern day supplements.


Great for boosting nitric oxide levels – vital for erection quality.  A study carried in Turkey showed a 21% increase in testosterone production in those given pomegranate daily – we dont have the timescale or amounts given in the study, but results shown an amazing gain.  One to consider.


Excellent food to improve T levels in men who are infertile.


High in Magnesium and Vitamin E and C and vital for testosterone production.  Is known to have anti estrogenic effects.


Honey in its raw state is high in bromeliad, which is also found in pineapple and bananas.  Proven to give great gains in testosterone production.


Packed with Vitamins A, K and C  also contains high levels of DIM ( as does broccoli) vital in controlling estrogen levels.


Tasty and good for testosterone production..  High in saturated fat and cholesterol


Probably one of the most effective foods for boosting Testosterone production – high in vitamin D.. also anti – estrogenic..  the common button type are especially beneficial.


This is a vasodilator that can improve erection quality.  High in a compound called citrulline. When sexual activity is increased, testosterone production is increased..


A well known aphrodisiac..  Packed with Zinc, oysters contain more than red beef.  Zinc is a vital component to increasing both testosterone production and sperm quality.


Oats are packed with saponins, a compound that helps to stimulate the pituitary gland. This increases the production of LH (leutinizing Hormone) which aids the leidig cells (found in the testes) to producing larger amounts of testosterone.


A  good addition to the diet to boost testosterone levels and reduce stress, definitely works well with a high protein diet.

Pure Chocolate

A good quality chocolate provides plentiful amount of Zinc, also high in Pure-Chocolate-ws-flavor__50976.1411079803.1280.1280-300x195aphrodisiac qualities.  With arginine and manganese contained in chocolate, effective in increasing testosterone production.  Sexual response is enhanced as these properties help to clean and open arteries to boost bloodflow.

What Happens If I Don’t Like These Foods?

Many natural supplements contain extracts of these effective testosterone boosting foods..  If some of them don’t appeal, for instance Oysters,(because not everybody likes them) you can still enjoy the powerful benefits by taking the pure extract in a natural testosterone boosting supplement.

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