Alpha Brain Nootropic Review

Alpha Brain – Boost Focus, Concentration And Results In The Gym

When working hard to build big, strong muscle mass, it takes a dedicated mind to maintain focus, drive and determination when working out in the gym every day.

The use of natural nootropic supplements has become very popular with professional sportsmen, businessmen, along with students, doctors and even the military using these supplements to keep their brain focussed and working at maximum ability.

Developed to help build and maintain focus, concentration and general cognitive function, a good natural nootropic supplement can provide a real boost.. often referred to as ‘smart drugs’ or ‘brain pills’ they have become an essential part of life for millions of people across the world.

Alpha Brain

One product that comes highly recommended is made by sports supplement specialists Onnit…. called Alpha Brain, it has been developed to help give sportsmen, bodybuilders, students, or in fact anybody the mental edge needed to succeed in your goals

Alpha Brain has been cleverly developed by Onnit, its formula is well researched and sensibly balanced..  Taking it all into account, we think that Alpha Brain is without doubt, one of the best natural nootropic supplements out there…

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The Formula In Alpha Brain

Onnit have hand picked 12 proven ingredients that all play a crucial part in boosting focus, drive and concentration… each serving includes:

Alpha GPC – Taken from Lecithin, GPC is a type of metabolite found in neuronal membranes… when taken in supplement form it boosts the synthesis of acetycholine – a compound that boosts memory, focus, drive and also improves REM sleep

AC-11 –  An extract taken from a South American plant called Cats Claw.. it has earned the nickname Rainforest Super Herb for its ability to help improve mental drive and reduce that foggy or fuzzy feeling we get when tired or stressed

Hubertzia Serrata – Extracted from Northern Firmoss, helps to boost the bioavailability of acetylcholine in the brain – this boosts mental performance

Vinpocertine – improves blood flow to the brain

Bacopa Monniera – Indian herbal extract, commonly used in traditional medicine.. known for its ability to boost memory and improve learning

Oatstraw – Antistress agent – boosts alertness

Pterostilbine – Antoxidant qualities, reduces  that natural toxins that cause mental ‘fog’

PS (Phosphatidylserine) – found in the brain cell membranes naturally.. this lipid helps reduce stress and improve focus.. essential for athletes, bodybuilders and sportsmen during their hard training regimes

How To Take Alpha Brain

To boost focus and concentration take 1-2 tablets every morning… you can also take to support enhanced dream state… this requires you to take 4 hours before going to bed.

Users who weight over 200 lbs can increase dose to 3 capsules a day, but you must NEVER exceed more than 3 tablets in a 24 hr period.

Reports From Users

Its hard too actually find anything bad written or said about Alpha Brain.. users all report great improvements in determination, concentration, drive and focus… One user is an ex soldier who was suffering stress and anxiety after deployment over seas.. he reports a great improvement in memory, reduced stress and ultimately a ‘clear head’

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Where Can You Buy Alpha Brain

You can buy genuine Alpha Brain from the official website

You can buy in the following amounts:

30 Capsules $34.95 ( £22)

60 Capsules $59.41 ( £38)

90 Capsules $79.97 ( £51)

The makers provide a 30 day return and refund policy on all orders

Our Conclusion

Onnit have done an excellent job in formulating and developing Alpha Brain, its a cleverly formulated natural nootropic supplement that will give anyone, regardless of age, background or goals the edge they need to succeed in this world..

Highly Recommended

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