Furzabol (Stanozol)

Furzabol – The Facts

Also known as miotolan, furzabol is derived from the anabolic steroid Stanozol – AKA Winstrol, and is taken orally.

FurazabolTHPFurzabol is used by bodybuilders to harden muscle and is also renowned for lowering the bad cholesterol levels in the body whilst increasing the levels of good cholesterol – in fact, its primary use in Japan is to treat hypercholesterolemia.

The steroid is known as a lipid reducer – it eliminates bad, fatty lipids from the body whilst enabling good lipids to quickly convert into energy, therefore boosting energy levels .The compound can also be used for long-term treatment for arteriosclerosis.

This steroid was very popular among sportsmen until the 1990 as it couldn’t be detected in standard tests; however this is no longer the case. Furzabol doesn’t cause either salt or water retention and doesn’t aromatise. The supplement creates an androgenic effect and has a low repression rate on the body’s testosterone production.

As furzabol doesn’t aromatise in the body, users are not exposed to breast tissue enlargement or other estrogen-related side effects.

It is, however, unsuitable for women in high doses as it has a virilisation effect.

Using Furzabol

Furzabol tablets must be taken several times per day as they only remain active for a brief period of time. The dose recommended by the manufacturer is 2-6mg – a user would have to take between 10-20 tablets per day to boost performance, although research in this area is difficult to come by.

Furzabol is an obscure steroid: it is only manufactured in Japan in tabs of 1mg. It is also scarcely available, making the price very high – this combination means it’s not a popular choice for bodybuilders. Information regarding furzabol, moreover, is sparse.


This isn’t the only reason that bodybuilders should exercise caution when it comes to furzabol – although there is very limited information available on the health risks of furzabol, it is known to be liver toxic and has been linked to serious liver problems. 

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