What Is Trenbolone

Trenbolone: Uses And Side Effects

Trenbolone is an incredibly powerful anabolic steroid that enables people to build and harden muscle mass and muscle fibre. It does this by increasing the 220px-Trenbolonelevel of the hormone IGF-1 within muscle tissue, and by causing the cells that repair damaged muscle to become more open to IGF-1.

This steroid also binds well with the androgen receptor (more so than testosterone, for example) –meaning it can work harder to boost muscle growth.

This super steroid also increases the body’s ability to retain nitrogen in muscle tissue, and is able to bind with receptors of muscle destroying hormones. Trenbolone works to reduce water under the skin and is a powerful fat loss agent – it has a powerful effect on nutrient partitioning and acts directly on fat cells to assist in fat burning. What’s more, by promoting the creation of red blood cells and boosting the rate of glycogen replenishment, trenbolone can help improve recovery rates.

The androgens found in trenbolone also increase the chemicals in the brain that trigger aggressive behaviour, enabling athletes and elite sportsmen to get into the competitive mindset and improve speed and power.

Trenbolone should be injected every day, and it is recommended that beginners exercise caution as the steroid has such powerful effects on the body.

Too Good To Be True?

If all this this sounds too good to be true, however, that’s because it probably is: Trenbolone has never been approved by the FDA for use in humans, and was originally developed for vets to use on cattle.

The steroid carries a string of common side effects that have detracted many people from regularly using it despite its exceptional ability to boost muscle mass.

Common Side Effects Of Trenbolone

Trenbolone is known to accelerate male pattern baldness and induce bouts of acne, insomnia, severe sweating, increased blood pressure, poor kidney function, reduced testosterone levels and cardiovascular issues.

More About Trenobolone

The violent ‘tren cough’ is also commonly cited as a side effect of taking this supplement – this usually happens upon injection and is accompanied by chest tightening and a metallic taste in the mouth.

Trenbolone is a steroid that should, therefore, be approached with a great deal of caution.

Safe – Legal Alternative To Trenbolone

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