What Is The Best Pre-Workout Supplement

What Is The Best Pre-Workout Supplement

Introducing 4 Gauge – The Best Researched, Most Effective Pre-Workout Available Today

If you want to get the best from your workouts, its essential to take a pre-workout supplement before you hit the gym…. why?? – Because a decent pre workout supplement will boost your energy levels and nitric oxide levels in the blood, creating better oxygenation throughout the body, helping you to power through strenuous workouts, helping your muscles to grow larger and stronger….

Manufactured by established sports supplement manufacturers Roar Ambition, 4 Gauge is a pre-workout supplement with a difference…..

Unlike so many products that are packed with stimulants and very little else, the makers of 4 gauge have studied the subject scientifically and have developed a formula, that yes – does contain a sensible amount of stimulants, but they have combined these with a really clever mix of essential minerals and vitamins that not only provide you with an energy boost, but also helps to boost focus and concentration.

This works by helping you to complete your workouts without distraction and more importantly, any of those nasty side effects so often linked to pre-workouts ( anxiety, the shakes or the jitters)…

By Using 4 Gauge Before Each Workout, You Will Enjoy

More Enjoyable Workouts – You can complete even the most demanding session, your veins will bulge and your muscles pumped…. quite frankly you will wonder how you got on without it

Faster Results – by performing exercises at a higher level, your muscle gains will be larger and quicker

Steady Energy Release – No more instant hit of short lived energy followed by that all too familiar ‘crash’, the effects of 4 gauge build steadily and last and last…

Whats In 4 Gauge

Roar Ambition have been 100% open about whats in the mix here…. each and every ingredient is fully disclosed so you the end user knows EXACTLY what you are taking

•Potassium 10mg

•Sodium 20mg

•Calcium 30mg

•L-Citrulline DI-Malate 6000mg

•Creatine Monohydrate 1000mg

•Acetyl L-Carnitine 500mg

•Red Beet ( Beta Vulgaris) 300mg

•Coconut Water Powder 300mg

•L-Theanine 200mg

•Caffeine Anhydrous 150mg

•Rhodioloa Rosea 100mg

Each serving provides 4g of carbohydrate and contains just 5 calories….

Taking 4 Gauge

The suggested daily serving is 2 scoops mixed with water or juice…. try to take between 15 and 30 minutes before you start working out… you can increase this dose up to 4 scoops as required, but its always best to start off at 2 scoops first to ascertain the effects.

Do I Need To Cycle 4 Gauge

The makers do suggest taking a 7 to 10 days break every 6-8 weeks, just to keep your body susceptible to its effects

Our Own Feedback

We love 4 Gauge… ignoring the eye catching, some would say gimmicky packaging for a minute, the taste is lovely…(fruit blast) it mixes really well, with none of those stomach churning clumps that you find at the bottle of your mixer bottle… whats more the energy released is one of the best we have ever experienced….. there is none of that dizzying energy rush that you can get from most stimulant rich pre-workouts, instead you experience a slow, but steady onset of power and energy that just keeps on coming…

I can usually manage around 35-40 minutes before I have had enough…I seemed to be able to go on for an hour plus with 4 gauge, and not sure if I am imagining it or not, but I didn’t notice the usual gym distractions like music and chatter that tend to put me off..

Our own experiences are echoed by good many other users – here are some examples of reviews courtesy of the 4 gauge website

Where To Buy 4 Gauge

4 gauge is available for worldwide shipping direct from 4gauge.com

a ‘round’ containing 20 serves will cost you $45 (£30)… you can save money by buying 3 rounds at once… this will cost you $112.50 (£75) – the equivalent of getting the 3rd ‘round’ for half price

Final Thoughts

With so many over hyped, stimulant rich, poor quality products out there, it’s refreshing to find a product that simply delivers on its promises….

Roar Ambition are well known and loved worldwide for their range of effective muscle boosting products and 4 Gauge is no different…. It is potent without being over packed with stimulants, it delivers a long lasting energy boost AND increases focus without that all to common and nasty energy crash at the end

In our opinion… the best formulated pre workout on the market today – 100% recommended

You can Get Your Own Supply At 4 Gauge.com